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Ideas for American Elf comic strips

American Elf is a strip by Vermont cartoonist laureate James Kochalka.  The strip is a sort of daily diary of Kochalka’s life, and in my head it was funny to ignore that fact and treat it as if it were a totally fictional strip and offer some advice on how to make it better, an idea inspired by some of the more mundane strips

I envisioned starting a blog where I would write up, scan and post my ideas for James to peruse, but I worried that it would be taken too seriously and offend more than it was intended to (as is the case with most of the jokes I make), so I slept on it.  However, American Elf is over (although James is still very active), so why not share it?  Maybe James will become inspired to resurrect the strip.

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    "Elf wakes up and stretches and then he stretches some more and goes, ‘Ahhh’ in a way that shows it’s a good stretch."...
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    This made me laugh out loud at work.
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    "James Did you ever see Puppet Master 5?" No. No I have not.
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